Thursday, 20 November 2008

My nan

This is a poem i wrote in my creative writing class describing my Nan. Shes not with us anymore but she is always in my thoughts and i love her loads and loads and always will. Love you Nanny xxxxx
If this person was a tree, she would be just beginning to blossom all dotted with pink and white just as the cardy she wrapped around her neck or the blanket that lay across her knees.
If this person was a building, she would be a huge castle, a bouncy one like i used to jump in when i was three.
If she were food she would be cakes, ice cream, jam and honey. Everything sweet to rot your teeth.
If she was a time of day she would be bedtime with a cup of hot coco and a story to tell.
If she were an item of clothing she'd be a woolly jumper that had been knitted far too big so i could wrap it all around me like the cuddles she once gave.
If this person was music she would be pleasant and soothing.
If this person was weather theres no doubt about it she would simply be the sun.

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

My hair!!! love it!!!! xxx

Me again!!! lol
Just wanted to show off my lovely new hair. I'm naturally blond and when i started college 2 years ago i had hair right down my back and untouched. Obviously in training to be a hairdresser it wasn't going to stay like that and in the last couple of years i have had every cut and every colour going. My hair now is long compared to what it was a few month ago it was really short and spiky and purple loved it but i want a pony tail. Once i have one ill prob chop it off again but i am gonna get it in a hair tye again!!!
Anyway i had enough of being dark as i have the opposite root problem than most ppl my roots come through white so it looks like im going really grey not nice.
So me and a cap some 12% (naughty naughty but I'm qualified now i can do what i like lol) and a hairdresser pal put some blond highlights through yesterday. Got up this morning and there wasn't enough blond i wasn't happy so called my friend back and on went the cap again and again more 12 %. Love it!!!!
Hairs a little frazzled but some top secret products will have it all nice and shiny in a couple of days. Then in a few weeks time ill be having more and hopefully my natural blond will come through but saying that its me i experiment with colours as a hairdresser colour is my thing love it and ill no doubt stick some sort of wacky colour in there ha ha.
Ill keep you all up to date with my hair progress and ill post a pic of my pony tail wen i get it back could be another year or so but I'm determined I'm keeping my scissors locked away!!!!!

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

My tattoos

I'm getting very creative with this blog thing now i have just spent from 10.30pm putting some music on my page! How clever of me I'm shocked and its only taken 1 hour and 45 minutes ha ha.

Its a good job there are only 3 songs there!!!

I have also uploaded some more pics for you all to see they are my tattoos which i love and i think I'm slightly addicted only had them done within the last few months. I always said i wouldn't have any but now i have 4 and want more.

The first one i had done is between my shoulder blades below my neck that's the pink flowers at the top. That one is my favourite i love it just a shame i cant see it. The next two i had done were my kids names and date of births on my wrists and then lastly the three butterfly's on my foot.

That one i could have lived without hurt like hell and couldn't walk or wear any shoes for ages afterwards i think i would have willingly given birth to 60 kids rather than have that done. And i want more yes I'm mad i no lol. xxx

Monday, 27 October 2008

Addicted to writing!!!!

Hello all you blog ppl. I haven't written on here for a while as had allot of stuff at home to deal with.
Actually i should be in bed now but i have been writing for the past two hours i was going to have an early night and now I'm all confused with ideas to write floating through my head. i have two stories that I'm writing at the moment one that has yet to be titled and the other called a mothers heartache which i personally think is great lol.
i will post my stories on here for you all to have a look at and comment on if you want even negative ones as all comments are good ones. if that makes any sense what so ever ha ha.
the stories are quite long winded so i wont post them now but i should have time in the week to do it when my fingers are up to typing a little more.
At creative writing last Wednesday i wrote a story called Tomorrow i choose the title as we all had to pick a word out of an envelope and then with a partner write a story. I didn't have a partner (poor me) but i wrote a story anyway its not very good actually i think its rubbish but i think that's because i wanted to have a partner too lol so i wasn't really into writing anything.
Any way here goes.....
"I cant wait only one more sleep to go and mummy and daddy can stop saying that dreaded word. Tomorrow. Everything is always tomorrow!2
"Can i go to the swings?"
"Yeah maybe tomorrow."
"Can i have some sweets?"
"Can i have some more pudding?"
"yes. Tomorrow."
"Can Taylor come for tea?"
"no not tonight sweetheart. maybe tomorrow."
"Oh its so annoying! I'm going to go to bed now so that i don't have to think of tomorrow even though today i want tomorrow! Its only early but i don't care as i want it to be today not tomorrow!"
I fall asleep then i awake.
"Hooray its finally today, but Oh no! tomorrow! Its still there but this time tomorrows NOT my birthday!"

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

2nd creative writing class

Today in creative writing we were given some questions and some ideas to answer to try to get a picture in our heads which could lead to a story.
The questions and ideas were:
There's a man walking down the street. What is he wearing? What does the street look like? What time of night is it?
The man hears a sound in a doorway. Describe the doorway?
In the doorway there is a woman........
Here is what i wrote using the above:
There was a man walking aimlessly down the street. He was wearing a brown trouser suit, white shirt with a pair of braces. He also had one of those old fashioned gold watches that hang on a chain from your trousers.
The street the man was walking down was quiet as it was late in the evening.
It was a cold and damp night as it had been raining fairly hard earlier in the day, all the street lamps were on and all the shops around were closed.
One particular shop caught the mans attention it was a doorway, it had huge iron bars across its doors as if protecting it. Next to this doorway was an alleyway which looked as if it led to no where as it was in complete darkness.
Behind the bars there's a noise!
This noise makes the man stop right where he is as there were no other noises to be heard that night only the tip-taping of the mans feet as he walked and the odd sound of a leaf under foot. The man was so deep in his own thoughts i doubt he would have noticed anyone else anyway. This noise was different though, he definitely heard this noise.
He heard the noise again.
He knew where it was coming from but it was so dark behind the bars of the shop, even with the street lamps lit he just couldn't strain his eyes enough to see.
The man carried on along the path but no sooner had he begun he stopped again dead in his tracks.
Was he sure about what he had heard?
He wasn't drunk, he had only had a small tipple with his lunch and that was hours ago now.
There it was again, he knew he wasn't hearing things. His name. His name being carried through the breeze in a whisper.
The man knew this voice well, but how could it be?
She had been gone years the man really didn't need this now, he had done his grieving years ago and decided the best way to move forward was just to not think about the love he had lost so many years ago.
It was there again.
The man turned and rubbed his eyes then, rubbed again.
Stood still in the doorway to the shop with the strange looking bars that had caught his attention earlier, she was there calling.
Calling to him..................
I hope you enjoy reading this story i have decided to call it THE MAN for obvious reasons.
I would be grateful for some comments please to find out what you all think. Thanks.

Monday, 13 October 2008

Im poorly!!!!!!

Hello all firstly id like to say thank you all for having a nose lol prob not very exciting but hay I'm new!!
Big thanks to Elaine for your blog about me much appreciated and ill see you Wednesday (i haven't done any homework! Naughty naughty i no but i just cant think of anything to write)
I think i cant think of anything to write as when i put my brain into gear i feel like crap keep getting dizzy spells. I thought it could be my blood pressure and got my mum to get me a kit from work which i have got to pay for tomorrow and there is absolutely nothing wrong with my blood pressure. How annoying! Now i have a piece of kit that i shall probably never ever use again.
I am going to the doctors tomorrow though and I'm not going to leave until i have answers i will not be leaving with a prescription for painkillers!!!!
Anyway enough of my moaning lol catch you all soon xxx

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

My first creative writing class

In my first class today we wrote some HAIKU, which are little poems the Japanese people write.
The form is very strict there is only allowed to be three lines:
1st line - 5 syllables
2nd line - 7 syllables
3rd line - 5 syllables
Generally you are catching a moment, describing something you see -something perhaps that we wouldnt ordinarily notice in our busy lives - and the feeling you get when you see it.
The Japanese usually use natural things and scenes which evoke one or other of the seasons.
Freezing cold, wind blows
Leaves falling, snow laying down
Children wearing coats
Trying hard to drive
Got car but no money
Third test again soon
Waves crashing high up
the sounds, the smells, the feelings
walking near the sea
Laughing, shouting, cry
hop scotch, IT, kiss chase games
children at school play

8th October 2008

Ok... thats me nd my two beautiful children to the right.
I have never done this blog thing before but a friend told me all about it today in a creative writing class so i thought i would give it ago.
Im not entirely sure what to write so if this sounds a bit confusing or just going on then thats why!!!
As im not sure how this works yet im not sure whether im supposed to tell you all about myself here or some where else or just write and not talk about me. (lol)
I have decided a brief me bit.
My name is Lisa im 25 years old and have two wonderful children Katanna (8) and Blake (2). I have just qualified as a hairdresser (anyone want their hair done? ha ha) and until my son goes to nursery in January i am bored!
I have always been really keen on writing at primary school i would always get merit marks for hand writing. (Go me!) I keep a diary not religiously but i do when i remember so today i joined a creative writing course as i have always had a secret dream of writing a true story about me (sssshhhhh dont tell anyone!!!) also i needed to get out the house and the place where i go have a creche so my son gets to make new friends.
I think im blubbering so im going to stop and ill write more about me if needed somewhere else or another time.
I may include my writings i do in my creative writing class any feedback would be appreciated i wont be offended if you tell me its rubbish either any feedback helps.