Monday, 27 October 2008

Addicted to writing!!!!

Hello all you blog ppl. I haven't written on here for a while as had allot of stuff at home to deal with.
Actually i should be in bed now but i have been writing for the past two hours i was going to have an early night and now I'm all confused with ideas to write floating through my head. i have two stories that I'm writing at the moment one that has yet to be titled and the other called a mothers heartache which i personally think is great lol.
i will post my stories on here for you all to have a look at and comment on if you want even negative ones as all comments are good ones. if that makes any sense what so ever ha ha.
the stories are quite long winded so i wont post them now but i should have time in the week to do it when my fingers are up to typing a little more.
At creative writing last Wednesday i wrote a story called Tomorrow i choose the title as we all had to pick a word out of an envelope and then with a partner write a story. I didn't have a partner (poor me) but i wrote a story anyway its not very good actually i think its rubbish but i think that's because i wanted to have a partner too lol so i wasn't really into writing anything.
Any way here goes.....
"I cant wait only one more sleep to go and mummy and daddy can stop saying that dreaded word. Tomorrow. Everything is always tomorrow!2
"Can i go to the swings?"
"Yeah maybe tomorrow."
"Can i have some sweets?"
"Can i have some more pudding?"
"yes. Tomorrow."
"Can Taylor come for tea?"
"no not tonight sweetheart. maybe tomorrow."
"Oh its so annoying! I'm going to go to bed now so that i don't have to think of tomorrow even though today i want tomorrow! Its only early but i don't care as i want it to be today not tomorrow!"
I fall asleep then i awake.
"Hooray its finally today, but Oh no! tomorrow! Its still there but this time tomorrows NOT my birthday!"

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LYN said...

where in Uk are you? i was born and raised in oxfordshire...