Wednesday, 15 October 2008

2nd creative writing class

Today in creative writing we were given some questions and some ideas to answer to try to get a picture in our heads which could lead to a story.
The questions and ideas were:
There's a man walking down the street. What is he wearing? What does the street look like? What time of night is it?
The man hears a sound in a doorway. Describe the doorway?
In the doorway there is a woman........
Here is what i wrote using the above:
There was a man walking aimlessly down the street. He was wearing a brown trouser suit, white shirt with a pair of braces. He also had one of those old fashioned gold watches that hang on a chain from your trousers.
The street the man was walking down was quiet as it was late in the evening.
It was a cold and damp night as it had been raining fairly hard earlier in the day, all the street lamps were on and all the shops around were closed.
One particular shop caught the mans attention it was a doorway, it had huge iron bars across its doors as if protecting it. Next to this doorway was an alleyway which looked as if it led to no where as it was in complete darkness.
Behind the bars there's a noise!
This noise makes the man stop right where he is as there were no other noises to be heard that night only the tip-taping of the mans feet as he walked and the odd sound of a leaf under foot. The man was so deep in his own thoughts i doubt he would have noticed anyone else anyway. This noise was different though, he definitely heard this noise.
He heard the noise again.
He knew where it was coming from but it was so dark behind the bars of the shop, even with the street lamps lit he just couldn't strain his eyes enough to see.
The man carried on along the path but no sooner had he begun he stopped again dead in his tracks.
Was he sure about what he had heard?
He wasn't drunk, he had only had a small tipple with his lunch and that was hours ago now.
There it was again, he knew he wasn't hearing things. His name. His name being carried through the breeze in a whisper.
The man knew this voice well, but how could it be?
She had been gone years the man really didn't need this now, he had done his grieving years ago and decided the best way to move forward was just to not think about the love he had lost so many years ago.
It was there again.
The man turned and rubbed his eyes then, rubbed again.
Stood still in the doorway to the shop with the strange looking bars that had caught his attention earlier, she was there calling.
Calling to him..................
I hope you enjoy reading this story i have decided to call it THE MAN for obvious reasons.
I would be grateful for some comments please to find out what you all think. Thanks.


Jeannette said...

I think it is pretty good, well done.

Lainey Laine said...

I like your story hun - least you explained why we did it - I just posted mine!! hee hee!!! See you soon xxxx

Anonymous said...

Oooh spooky.

Laura said...

hi your story is rally good i could feel the emotion and and pain the mann was feeling well done