Monday, 13 October 2008

Im poorly!!!!!!

Hello all firstly id like to say thank you all for having a nose lol prob not very exciting but hay I'm new!!
Big thanks to Elaine for your blog about me much appreciated and ill see you Wednesday (i haven't done any homework! Naughty naughty i no but i just cant think of anything to write)
I think i cant think of anything to write as when i put my brain into gear i feel like crap keep getting dizzy spells. I thought it could be my blood pressure and got my mum to get me a kit from work which i have got to pay for tomorrow and there is absolutely nothing wrong with my blood pressure. How annoying! Now i have a piece of kit that i shall probably never ever use again.
I am going to the doctors tomorrow though and I'm not going to leave until i have answers i will not be leaving with a prescription for painkillers!!!!
Anyway enough of my moaning lol catch you all soon xxx


Jeannette said...

Well I hope you get some help from the doctors and some answers.

Lainey Laine said...

Awwwww hunni!!! Well if your still rough Wednesday I can give you a lift home!! I will be late though coz Ive got to work. Im glad your keeping up with your blog. If you leave your link when you comment on other journals then people will get to know your blog and come and visit you!! Hope you feel better and I havent done any homework either. oooooh its tomorrrow - see you tomorrow hunni xxxxx

Lisa x said...

I havent managed to get to doctors yet so still none the wiser to whats wrong. My dizzyness comes and goes im trying to ignore it as not going to be able to get to doctors till Monday now.