Wednesday, 8 October 2008

My first creative writing class

In my first class today we wrote some HAIKU, which are little poems the Japanese people write.
The form is very strict there is only allowed to be three lines:
1st line - 5 syllables
2nd line - 7 syllables
3rd line - 5 syllables
Generally you are catching a moment, describing something you see -something perhaps that we wouldnt ordinarily notice in our busy lives - and the feeling you get when you see it.
The Japanese usually use natural things and scenes which evoke one or other of the seasons.
Freezing cold, wind blows
Leaves falling, snow laying down
Children wearing coats
Trying hard to drive
Got car but no money
Third test again soon
Waves crashing high up
the sounds, the smells, the feelings
walking near the sea
Laughing, shouting, cry
hop scotch, IT, kiss chase games
children at school play


Lainey Laine said...

Well done Lisa!!!! Brilliant!!! Love Lainey xxxxx

Stuart said...

Welcome to the world of blogs view are fun!

Melissa said...

nice work

Diama ~*a.k.a*~ Cherry said...

oh wow i always wondered how those worked and what was the point of them.

LYN said...

Laine sent me over..hi I'm Lyn..come see my at my blog if ya like..and welcome to this crazy world of bloggers!!

Eileen said...

Just popped over from Laine's blog.
Loved your Japanese poetry. Eileen x

Anonymous said...

welcome, Hope you enjoy this world of blogging as I do cant wait to get to no you and your family!!!