Tuesday, 28 October 2008

My tattoos

I'm getting very creative with this blog thing now i have just spent from 10.30pm putting some music on my page! How clever of me I'm shocked and its only taken 1 hour and 45 minutes ha ha.

Its a good job there are only 3 songs there!!!

I have also uploaded some more pics for you all to see they are my tattoos which i love and i think I'm slightly addicted only had them done within the last few months. I always said i wouldn't have any but now i have 4 and want more.

The first one i had done is between my shoulder blades below my neck that's the pink flowers at the top. That one is my favourite i love it just a shame i cant see it. The next two i had done were my kids names and date of births on my wrists and then lastly the three butterfly's on my foot.

That one i could have lived without hurt like hell and couldn't walk or wear any shoes for ages afterwards i think i would have willingly given birth to 60 kids rather than have that done. And i want more yes I'm mad i no lol. xxx

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Lainey Laine said...

oooh hun I bet it did hurt!! yikes!! Thanks for your comment! I will be going to the hairdressers today and see how much the products are she used on my hair. I will let you know if I want you to get me that stuff hun. Thanks. Love Laine xxx